After touring nearly the entire US with my band, Romantic Rebel, I found myself drawn to all things health & wellness related; I got such a thrill trying new skincare, adaptogenic mushrooms, and CBD! This lead me to wanting to share my new product discoveries with the world! I started my Instagram and found that I had more to share than product reviews; I began to post tips and tricks to bring positivity and happiness into everyday life. On my feed, you will find ways to use crystals, Tarot, the power of manifestation and more to improve your mindset and well being,

In addition to being a Wellness & Lifestyle Insta blogger and influencer, I have an online crystal shop, offer intuitive Tarot readings (that I like to call, ‘Tarot Therapy’) and am a professional photo retoucher and designer - Check out my work here!

I am available for events to speak about crystals, Tarot or other Wellness topics. I also offers Tarot readings for small groups. If you are interested in booking an event, please send a message via my Contact page with a brief description of the event.

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